Does a positive outlook help us succeed in life?



We can all agree that given a choice, we would rather be with someone who has a positive outlook than someone who focusses on the negative aspects of a problem. A positive outlook is a coping mechanism used by humans to survive the difficulties in life. These survival tactics help in handling our daily hassles in life with a confident demeanor. How does a positive outlook lead us to be a more successful person?

1).  Help solve problems:

Just thinking that everything is going to work out fine one day will lead to the individual working on solving the issues by themselves, sometimes even unknowingly. Focusing on the negative aspects of the problem will diminish the person to focus on the limitation of the problem rather than the possibilities of it.

2). Better physical health:

Yes, you heard it right. Research shows that positive outlook and good humor serve as a good defense for respiratory illness since these qualities lead to a better functioning immune system and increased salivary Immunoglobin A levels. Other physical benefits include faster recovery from major and minor illness and lower hospital admission rates for elderly patients.

3). Better relationship:

A positive outlook helps a person become more adaptable and flexible and think beyond oneself. People with a positive outlook also experience a deeper, more satisfying intimate relationship. The understanding that any misunderstanding is temporary and both the people invested in the relationship are good people. A small change in the way people think about a situation makes a major difference in the relationship.

4). Self-awareness:

Emotional control comes from emotional self-awareness. Emotional self-awareness is a form of self-consciousness about an emotion occurring at the moment and the fact that the individual is consciously aware that the emotion is being experienced. Being aware makes the individual change the course of thoughts and guide them to be more positive in their viewpoint.

5). Reduced stress:

The feeling that things are going to get better reduces the psychological stress by making psychological adjustments. Optimism contributes to reducing the stress-adjustment relationship. Optimism and positive outlook help in adjusting the stress level experienced and creating a balance in life.

Hamna Siddique is a coach specializing in life and business mindset coaching.

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