Find your “inner enemy” this New Year



“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all in which case, you fail by default.” J.K. Rowling I believe the biggest hurdle that we have to face in the path to success is our thoughts and fear of failure. I am positive many would love to take new year resolutions but take a step back because of fear of failure. ‘Fear of failure’ contains a lot more than we can imagine in just those three little words. The person experiencing it sometimes goes through such enormous pressure that they completely give up after trying to ignore the fear for a while. During my coaching sessions, I have had a lot of clients tell me ‘Oh I just ignore it’ and I always ask them and how has that helped you or has it helped you at all and the answer is always ‘No’. Ignoring our fears and issues does not give us peace. That is a simple fact. Yes, confronting one’s fears is the hardest thing to do. That is another fact and it can only be done if you are ready to do so. No coach can do it for you but we can hold your hands while you try your best and make the process as easy as possible. A decision to do something that you fear may lead to failure and failure may lead to discouragement and hurtfulness but it also gives you a wealth of knowledge; you become the expert in this particular subject because you know the pros and cons. Trying and failing also makes you resilient. You also start valuing hard work and understand ethics. In short, you become a leader in making. As a leader, you will have stories to tell about how you failed and how you used your knowledge to leverage through failure and found success. I love to help my clients take a look at their inner enemies in the eye. I love to hold their hands and sail with them through this process and rejoice in their success. It is a wonderful feeling to look back at the journey and celebrate life. So my friends fail, fail and fail more and then find success!

Hamna Siddique is a coach specializing in life and business mindset coaching.

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