How are you taking care of your family and friends? And most importantly, how are you taking care of yourself? What changes have you made to your health routine this week due to the COVID-19?

Most of my content on my blog and Facebook posts have been psychology/emotional health-related. To be more specific, it is about behavior patterns and personality blocks that may be affecting my clients’ professional and personal life. But today I would like to talk a little about your physical health with your emotional health. Most of us have heard of the saying ‘Sound body, sound mind’. Although the 17th-century Western world differentiated the mind and the body, the 20th-century gradually saw a change in this view and today we completely understand that the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind.

We have all experienced some changes this week and I would like to offer some tips on how to cope with these:

  1. One can easily experience boredom, exhaustion and a general feeling of lethargy and loss of hope during times. It is not unusual but it is important to keep a check on your emotions and seek help if you feel an overwhelming feeling of desperateness.
  2. The time for social distancing is unknown and for those of us who are planners, uncertainty is a trigger for stress and so try to keep your focus on certain projects and ventures that you had in mind and have been avoiding due to lack of time.
  3. If your business is suffering, seek help. You may have handled your business issues yourself but there is no harm in getting help at the time of need and who knows you may venture into something new and exciting.
  4. Your physical health is as important as your emotional health and vice-versa. Now is a good time to kick start a workout routine if you have not been doing so. Get some cardio by doing some step-ups, try some lunges around your house, maybe squats or make use of those dumbbells. You could also try the various youtube channels to get inspired.

As a coach, I love to challenge people to do things they have been afraid of doing and see them thrive in their newfound strength and freedom by supporting them. If you feel you are going through a rough patch, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help.

Hamna Siddique is a career and leadership coach focusing on confidence and personal development.

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