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This program begins with a complimentary EQ i 2.0 assessment

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You can bring an end to the struggle and find content in your professional and personal life!

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Complimentary - No Obligation - Completely Confidential

  • You will be a coached by a certified coach that adheres to the strict standards of International Coaching Federation
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 certified.
  • Provide a safe and confidential space.

Physician Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Physician Burnout Coaching 
  • Physician Leadership skill Development Coaching
  • Residency Coaching
  • Private Practice Coaching

Complimentary - No Obligation - Completely Confidential

Physician Burnout Coaching 

  • It is not uncommon for physicians to get stressed to a point of exhaustion and burnout.
  • If the burnout is beginning to affect your professional and personal life, it is time to get help from a professional. 
  • The coaching program will help navigate through this with a step by step action plan by lowering stress by learning to manage it better and create a more balanced life. 

Complimentary - No Obligation - Completely Confidential

Physician Leadership skill Development

  • This area helps create awareness on your strengths. It also helps discover areas you could improve on including communication skills. 
  • It also helps you build the self-confidence and leadership skills for managerial roles.  
  • If you are taking up a new position especially a leadership or executive role understanding the process of crucial.
  • Physicians are trained in their field but not so for managerial roles and so a sudden jump to a leadership/executive role can be very different. Physician coaching is essential to help you create your self and social awareness and ease into the culture of your new workplace effectively.

Complimentary - No Obligation - Completely Confidential

Residency Coaching

  • Although finishing the residency program successfully is the goal of most residents, coaching makes it easier to navigate through the residency by providing clarity and awareness. 
  • We help you align your purpose with your approach through freely discussing work experiences. 
  • Reflect on performance, failures, and achievements;
  • identify strengths and how to use them to overcome challenges.
  • We can help you rediscover your joy and help you thrive.  

Complimentary - No Obligation - Completely Confidential

Private Practice Coaching

  • Starting a private practice is extremely stressful. Having a coaching session will help give clarity in your trajectory. 
  • Intensive Strategic Planning  to make sure you have a clear and written action to get maximum results.
  • Make sure you stay on track with the structured accountability and help support to execute your plan and get the results you want.
  • We also discuss your social media plans.
  • Managing employees can a challenging job for physicians due to time constraints. We provide once a month group coaching to discuss effective work habits in the practice.

How does coaching help?

Physician coaching combines the given information provided to create a learning environment, self and social awareness, skill building, action planning and accountability into an experience that leads to personal growth and professional achievement.

Physician coaching occurs in weekly/monthly phone calls/zoom sessions where you build awareness to reach your goals. Your physician coach is a partner collaborating with you to achieve success and become a powerful leader. Your coach will help you:

  • Clarify your vision, mission and goals. 
  • Give you objective, strategic feedback to instigate change
  • Show you new levels of awareness necessary to reach your new goals
  • Emotional Intelligence, communication and meeting facilitation skills
  • Create scenarios to practice important conversations and negotiations.
  • Your coach will hold you accountable to Implement your new found knowledge.
  • An Action Review of  what worked, what didn’t, changes have to be implemented. 

Complimentary - No Obligation - Completely Confidential


“Helped me stay focused.”

“Hamna is a very compassionate coach who has helped me stay focused and accountable to achieving my goals. Her thought provoking questions have really helped me to uncover doubts that were getting in my way. Through our sessions I have been able to make consistent progress and am so excited to be where I am today! I do not hesitate to recommend her and am confident that you will be thrilled with your results.” Robin Christian, Houston, TX

“Helped my small startup…”

“If you are looking for a professional Business Coach this is the way to go. Being an owner of a small startup business is challenging, having people like Hamna on your side is a must and she will make a noticeable difference! If you are not sure if this is something your business needs, just give her a call and have a conversation with her, you will see why she is such a great asset.” G. Mohammed, Houston, TX.

“Renewed sense of clarity and confidence.”

“I had a particularly powerful coaching session with Hamna which enabled me to understand and integrate two conflicting sides of my personality. She skillfully and patiently guided me through the session with thoughtful questions, enabling me to feel a renewed sense of clarity and confidence in myself. Hamna is a gifted coach with a warm, empathetic approach. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking more clarity and greater confidence in their life!” Cindy McDonald Geier, Chicago, IL

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