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Are you struggling to navigate through your personal and professional life?

You may be someone with great ideas but need someone to push you to execute these ideas.

You may have the right tools and skills but may need to work a little on your mindset and need someone to hold you accountable to help achieve your goal. If you are thinking about change, you will be amazed what you can achieve in a few sessions. 

If you feel a lack of motivation and persistence in your professional life and would like to rediscover the enthusiast in you, schedule an appointment today and we can collaboratively work together to attain a successful personal and professional life. 

Work with Hamna

I have a coaching program for everyone who is interested in working towards their personal and professional development.

If you are looking for in-depth self-awareness coaching sessions with tools, resources and support that will help you improve your passion, life purpose and overall emotional health, personality development coaching is for you.  

If you are in a job that you enjoyed before but have lost your motivation and persistence, and would like to rediscover your “why” then business and leadership mindset coaching is for you.

About Hamna


Hamna Siddique is a certified coach, specializing in Life, Business and Leadership Coaching. She collaborates with professionals and small businesses to help transform their performance through effective coaching sessions to increase productivity. She provides result-oriented coaching to live a more gratifying personal and professional life. She coaches around certain complex challenges and breaks them into smaller more manageable tasks to help the individual thrive. She also helps professionals and small businesses achieve their full potential through structure and organization to attain success. Hamna now resides in Houston, Texas but has experience working in various countries including the Middle-East and the United Kingdom. Her knowledge working in the corporate world in these countries including the Lloyds of London, UK will be an added bonus for individuals coming from a busy environment who would like to find balance in life. The coaching services can be provided to the Middle -East, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Hamna is also an avid blogger. Hamna has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Columbia College, Missouri and an MS in Organizational Psychology and Leadership from Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA. 

What others have to say…

“Uncovering Blocks…”

Hamna really helped me uncover blocks that were getting in the way of me having what I truly wanted in life. Things have drastically shifted in my life since she began coaching me and I’m more aware of root issues and what I can do to address them. I highly recommend her as a coach for personal and career coaching.” Beth Hanson, Minneapolis, MN.

“Helped my small startup…”

“If you are looking for a professional Business Coach this is the way to go. Being an owner of a small startup business is challenging, having people like Hamna on your side is a must and she will make a noticeable difference! If you are not sure if this is something your business needs, just give her a call and have a conversation with her, you will see why she is such a great asset.” G. Mohammed, Houston, TX.

“Helped me stay focused.”

“Hamna is a very compassionate coach who has helped me stay focused and accountable to achieving my goals. Her thought provoking questions have really helped me to uncover doubts that were getting in my way. Through our sessions I have been able to make consistent progress and am so excited to be where I am today! I do not hesitate to recommend her and am confident that you will be thrilled with your results.” Robin Christian, Houston, TX

“Put things in perspective.”

“Fantastic experience, Hamna really put a lot of things into perspective and made me think and problem solve on a level I didn’t know I could reach. Not only was Hamna attentive and genuine, but she really broke down a lot of angles attributed to my successes and shortcomings and how I can repeat or avoid these things, respectively.” Eloy Farias, Houston, TX

“Techniques to navigate.”

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Hamna, and in the short time we had, she helped me navigate and make great movement in an area that had been stunting me for years. Months later, I still use the techniques uncovered in our session and am very grateful to have been guided by Hamna’s true skill and knowledge.” Prab Dhanwant, Vancouver, Canada

“Renewed sense of clarity and confidence.”

“I had a particularly powerful coaching session with Hamna which enabled me to understand and integrate two conflicting sides of my personality. She skillfully and patiently guided me through the session with thoughtful questions, enabling me to feel a renewed sense of clarity and confidence in myself. Hamna is a gifted coach with a warm, empathetic approach. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking more clarity and greater confidence in their life!” Cindy McDonald Geier, Chicago, IL

“Resolved my challenges.”

“Hamna is a really great coach to work with. In my sessions she helped me to resolve my challenges and make a plan to move forward. She also helped me gain valuable insight into my life and dreams.” Natasha Sealey, San Jose, CA

“Great Experience!”

“Great experience!!! Hamna is really easy to talk to. In my session she helped make a plan to move forward with my challenges. She is so patient and kind I would definitely recommend.” Ellie Rodriguez, Houston, TX.

Weekly inspiration for your personality development