What is life coaching? 

Life coaching is a collaborative effort between the client and the coach to identify goals and generate an accountability action to achieve these goals. Life coaching is a completely new concept to some individuals and especially some cultures. My unique skill is to ask powerful questions that will help go under the surface to discover the underlying issues the client may be facing.

What do I love about it?

I like to focus on personality development and mindset to find my client’s strengths and work with them collaboratively to assess any areas that need improvement and find success in their personal and professional lives. I get excited finding answers to some questions they have had their whole lives.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Life coaching is very beneficial in:

  • Identifying and clarifying an issue the client may have.
  • Learning how to navigate around a toxic work culture.
  • Finding a purpose in life
  • Creating a change in your life towards personal growth
  • Increasing productivity through accountability.

What is the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

A counselor usually is problem-focused and a coach is solution-focused. The main difference that I feel that needs mentioning is that the therapist is diagnostic and provides treatment but a coach assists the client in finding answers to the problems, which makes it very meaningful to the client. A coach can also play the role of a motivator in increasing productivity in a career or business.

What can you gain from coaching?

If you are looking for a change in your life and want to live a more fulfilling life, coaching is for you. Coaching can also help in obtaining work/life balance, teach effective communication, navigate through a business transition, identify limiting beliefs that affect your career or business, help in personal and professional growth.

What can I expect from a session of life coaching? 

Coaching is tailor-made to individual client needs. Each client may have different requirements and expectations. Your coach will ensure that your goals are not limited and you do not have limiting beliefs that may be a hindrance to your success.

How long is a session typically?

My sessions usually last 45 minutes. There are instances where a client reaches a light- bulb moment in 30 minutes that may change their lives forever.

Do I need a coach if I am successful?

A successful person is always evolving and embracing change and life coaching helps with this change. Coaching can help a variety of people such as executives, physicians, teachers, and even those looking for a career transition.

How long will I need to commit to working with a life coach?

Research shows that to see a dramatic change in your personal growth to stay in the program for at least six months.