Executive and Leadership Coaching


This program begins with a complimentary EQ i 2.0 assessment.

You are in a job that you thought will bring happiness and satisfaction but you feel empty inside.

You get tired of office politics! you are not sure how to navigate around the people you work with. 

You know there is something to be done but not sure what and where to begin. 

You are in the right place, coaching is for people like you!


Why choose this program?

  • Create awareness on your strengths
  • Discover areas you could improve on including communication skills
  • Help you revisit the passion you once had for your work
  • Build the self-confidence and leadership skills for the management promotion you received
  • Analyze reasons for being passed for a promotion
  • Evaluate lack of motivation in your chosen field in spite of a successful career

Trained in Organizational Psychology and Leadership, Hamna will help you identify any blocks and emotional baggage, that is affecting your personal and professional life success.

Apart from a complimentary EQ i 2.0 consultation, you will also have access to worksheets, courses, informatics and other research materials. The coaching is tailor-made to suit each individual and their personality types. 

A complementary introductory consultation!

This Program is for you if:

  • you are looking to create a positive behavior change
  • you would like to increase work productivity
  • you would like to improve your work performance
  • you would like to make changes through committed action plans
  • you would like to improve personal and professional relationships
  • you would like to explore work-life balance

More Information!

Join this 3-month program to get the experience of a lifetime that will help you have a strategy to navigate through your personal and professional life!

“Helped me stay focused.”

“Hamna is a very compassionate coach who has helped me stay focused and accountable to achieving my goals. Her thought provoking questions have really helped me to uncover doubts that were getting in my way. Through our sessions I have been able to make consistent progress and am so excited to be where I am today! I do not hesitate to recommend her and am confident that you will be thrilled with your results.” Robin Christian, Houston, TX

Bonus Materials!

  • Access to  a shared google docs with information on relevant materials.
  • A recommendation of relevant books. 
  • Accountability watch on action plans, goals, and assignments
  • You will receive posts and articles in your inbox. 

“Uncovering Blocks…”

Hamna really helped me uncover blocks that were getting in the way of me having what I truly wanted in life. Things have drastically shifted in my life since she began coaching me and I’m more aware of root issues and what I can do to address them. I highly recommend her as a coach for personal and career coaching.” Beth Hanson, Minneapolis, MN.


Weekly Inspiration for your personal development!