Change and mindset

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I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

I have been approached by a few business owners and professionals since the pandemic outbreak. I feel and understand the panic in the air for business owners who are earning way below their usual profit margin and have had to let go of a few of their employees; professionals who have had to take a pay cut in their jobs because of the current COVID 19 situation and is in a panic on whether they will have a job or not.

  • It is important to stay positive. Our mindset is magic and if you truly believe in yourself, your skills and instigate change in your life towards your goal, you will be successful. It is not an easy task and we do need a lot of motivation to attain our goals in times like this.
  • If you have more time in your hands, isn’t it a good time to get to know the skills of your employees and initiate other business ideas that have always been at the back of your mind. I would not recommend jumping into any new venture without proper research but do explore your possibilities.
  • Do not see this pandemic as a haul to your business endeavors, but an opportunity to divert into something new, something exciting.
  • If you are a professional hired by someone, isn’t it time to see what you can do for yourself. You can always start your side hustle without quitting your job. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve and the potential you possess if you really dig deep!

I had a full-time job when I started my coaching business. It was various challenges, a motivating coach/coaches and the right mindset that made me the business owner that I am today. It is time business owners take Organizational Change Management seriously and invest in the ‘soft costs’ that are equally important in bringing your profit margin high. At times, the low return on investment for the soft costs are the people and their mindsets with unrealistic expectations, guidance or lack of proper communication. It is imperative that organizations keep a check on their culture, values and see their success rise in the coming years by initiating a mindful approach while taking decisions pertaining to their business.

I am a business and leadership coach and I am happy to help in every way I can if you feel your business is suffering or you are unable to cope with the business pressures due to the pandemic or you have completely lost the balance between your professional and personal life.

Hamna Siddique is a career and leadership coach focusing on confidence and personal development.

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2 thoughts on “Change and mindset”

  1. A very important point well made. It is vital to keep your chin up (as the saying goes). Use this time as an opportunity or even take some RnR so you are refreshed when it is time to reopen.

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