“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” ― Coco Chanel

I find it amusing that the definition of failure is ‘lack of success’. We rarely succeed without failing, so I believe a more philosophical and ideological definition for failure should be a path to success. There is something stimulating about people who are successful in talking about their failures in the past. Their speeches have filled far too many commencement ceremonies. People crave these speeches as it does what it is meant to do…motivate, inspire.

Failure in our many ventures in life is a sign that there is another way to do it and yes by the time we discover the other ways, we may have used up a lot of our energy, time, and even resources, which may lead to disheartening. But the important thing to remember is that failure is the best experience life can give us. Ironically, you are the expert in this ‘failure’ and you could use that knowledge to educate yourself and others around you. Also, the theory of failure is very conceptual. What is a failure to one may not be a failure to the other. So, how can we use our failure to attain success?

As you may have heard before, failure must be embraced with both arms, no matter how hard it is. You may have put your heart and soul in your project but failure sometimes is inevitable. Certain external factors can also play a huge part as a reason for the failure of your project. It is also imperative that we not let our failure affect our mindset and motivation. There is nothing wrong with admitting to failure and accepting it as a stepping stone to success. Many leaders in organizations and also business owners find it disparaging to accept their failure. Accepting means admitting to failure and the blame associated with it. This is particularly difficult in the corporate world where leaders do not like to take the blame on themselves.        

Simply put, failures can be categorized as preventable and non-preventable, which is why it is important to do thorough research into what the reasons for your failure are. Most importantly, it is a necessity for your sustainability that you draw a line when and where you have to revise your product or service, make the amendments needed, pivot it, and QUIT. Yes, you cannot keep doing what you do and fail forever. You must at some point step back from your project at one point and look at the bigger picture and quit before you lose more than you need to.

Failure is only ‘lack of success’ if you believe it to be, if not it can be a ‘path to success’!

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Hamna Siddique is a career and leadership coach focusing on confidence and personal development.

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  1. – Beautiful read.
    – You don’t have to fail in order to succeed. You can also learn from other people’s failures. Those failures will provide you a great opportunity to learn and avoid making similar mistakes.
    – I believe that there no failures in life. The failures we think of are truly the steps to success.

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